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Arcane Moon Creations

Lodolite (Garden Quartz)

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High Quality Lodolite - AKA Garden Or Scenic Quartz

These pieces have beautiful scenic inclusions, no two are alike - each one is extremely unique! Look into the crystals to see what may look like underwater scenes, gardens, and other landscapes.

This listing is for (1) point of choice. To see a video & closer up of some of these items, visit our TokTok page: @ArcaneMoonCreations or message the page directly. 

Sizes (all are approximate):
A: 1.5in / 1.2oz

B: 2in / 2oz

C: 2in / 2.2oz

D: 1.5in / 1.7oz

E: 1.6in / 2.3oz

F: 1.6in / 1.5oz

G: 1.9in / 1.8oz

H: 1.8in / 1.7oz

I: 1.5in / 2.1oz

J: 1.5in / 3oz

K: 1.3in / 2.9oz

L: 2.5in / 5.6oz

M: 2.4in / 4oz

N: 2.7in / 2.1oz