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Arcane Moon Creations

Pistachio Calcite Palm Stones & Hearts

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Beautiful, Quality Pistachio Calcite Hearts & Palms. 

This listing is for (1) palm stone or Heart of Choice. Please make your selection carefully.

Heart A: 2.3in / 3.4oz 
Heart B: 2 3in / 4.4oz
Heart C: 2.6in / 5.2oz
Palm A: 2.5in / 2.6oz (CHIPPED - DISCOUNTED)
Palm B: 2.1in /2.7oz
Palm C: 2.4in / 3.6oz
Palm D: 2.5in / 3.5oz
Palm E: 2.7in / 6.0oz
Palm F: 2.7in / 4.7oz
Palm G: 2.8in / 4.5oz
Palm H: 2.8in / 6.4oz
Palm I: 3.0in / 6.2oz