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Arcane Moon Creations

Selenite Slabs

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High Quality, Authentic Selenite Slabs

This listing is for (1) slab of choice.

Triangles (1.5-2in)

A: 1.5in x 0.3in
B: 2.2in x 0.75in
C: 3in x 0.6in
D:  4.13in x 0.75in
E: 2.13in x 1in
F: 3.12in x 0.9in
G: 3in x 0.9in
H: 3.4in x 0.75in
I: 3.4in x 0.4in
J: 3.5in x 0.6in
K: 3in x 0.6in
L: 3in x 1.4in
M: 3.5in x 0.7in
N: 3.4in x 0.8in
O: 4.5in x 0.45in
P: 3.6in x 0.7in
Q: 3.6in x 0.25in
R: 3.75in x 0.75in
S: 3.2in x 1.6in
T: 3.25in x 1.4in
U: 4.5in x 0.4in
V: 5in x 0.2in

All sizes are rounded to the nearest 10th of an inch unless noted otherwise. Some pieces are much thicker than others so please read sizes carefully. 

Add as a decorative piece to your collection or use as charging slabs for your other crystals.

Please be aware that selenite is a rather flaky material and should be handled with care.